Forex Price Action Basics Course

This free course teaches the basics of price action trading. If you are new to Forex or are a Forex trading beginner, this course is for you!

The course is free and no registration is required!

Price Action Trading Intro

What is price action trading?

Price action is the term used to denote the behaviour of historic price movement - how price has acted in the past, hence the term price action.


Analysing price action is done by using price charts. Price charts show a Forex trader a historical record of price movement and behaviour. 

The basics of price action analysis includes...


1. Identifying the current price direction

2. Identifying high and low points of price

3. Identifying patterns formed by price

Why use price action?

Price action can predict where future price is going to be, meaning that it can make you money. I am a full-time Forex price action trader. I can testify that price action is reliable and is one of the most simplest and effective methods of analysing the Forex market and being profitable. 

Price action is also universal - once learned, you will be able to trade any time-frame and any financial market. I use it to trade on all currency pairs and on all time-frames. I also use it to invest in stocks and trade commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. 

How to trade price action

This step-by-step Forex trading course will teach you about the basics of price action and how price action can be used to trade Forex...