Free Forex Trading Videos


Below are links to a number of free Forex trading videos.


These videos are also available on my Forex Price Action YouTube Channel


Basic Forex Price Action Trading Course

This video course teaches the basics of Forex price action trading, including trending markets, ranging markets, candlestick basics, support and resistance and price action patterns.  

You also take the course of my price action basics page

After completing this course, I suggest you join my mentor program or take my advanced price action course

Trading Price Action like a Pro

Another popular series that I have uploaded to my Forex trading YouTube channel.


This series teaches more advanced price action techniques. I am still adding to this video series, so please subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep updated. 

Forex Trader Interview Style Videos

A number of interview style videos with me, Samuel Morton. These videos contain deep insights into price action and Forex trading. There are also a couple of free audio-books. 

To learn which brokers I trade with, please visit my recommended Forex broker page

The Truth about Forex Trading Series

This Forex trading video series gives professional insights into a range of different trading subjects, such as brokers, leverage, trading psychology and trading records. 

Live Forex Price Action Trading


Below are all my current live price action trading videos. The trades in these videos are taken using my strategies in my exclusive price action course

Featured on other channels

I have been featured on other Forex channels, including IG TV and Technical Forex...

REAL Forex Trading

Trading Forex live with verified trading results

Miscellaneous & Mini-Series

Miscellaneous Forex and price action trading videos