Forex Trading for Beginners - your step by step guide to Forex trading

If you are new to Forex trading, you have come to the right place - this course will teach you all the basics of Forex trading!

For most, Forex trading can become a money making hobby. For those who are more serious about trading, Forex trading can become a super career with fantastic advantages, such as earning a significant income and working from home.  

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What is Forex trading?

Forex is the abbreviation of foreign exchange - the market where global currencies are bought and sold. The Forex market provides real-time prices of currencies and offers the public - you and I - an opportunity to buy and sell currencies.


The value (or price) of any currency fluctuates on a daily basis, creating money-making opportunities . Someone that trades Forex aims to buy a particular currency at a specified price and then sell that currency for a higher price, hence making a profit. 

Please watch the video below. The video will teach you the basics of what Forex trading is.