GFT Review

I could end this review very quickly by saying that GFT are one of the best brokers available... so open an account with them! I have traded with GFT for a while and to date I have had no issues with them. I love their slogan 'Above All Integrity' and so far their actions as a broker have reflected this statement. I am not paid by any of the brokers I write about so this review like all reviews will be totally unbiased.

GFT Review

GFT have offices in Sydney, London and Singapore. They are very much a well established global forex and CFD broker. GFT is registered and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the FCA. GFT did have an American clientele but pulled out of the US as profits were slim. Since then, GFT have focused on non-US derivatives such as CFDs and spread betting.

The Platform

GFT offers a variety of trading platforms including MetaTrader and their own bespoke trading platform. Their own platform is available on mobile devices, a download on desktop computers and they also have a more simple web-based platform. If you are not a MetaTrader fan then their desktop Dealbook 360 is one of the best platforms available. If you are currently trading using MetaTrader I would still suggest giving the software a try.

I love the Dealbook360, it has a clean interface and is highly versatile. Charts are fully customisable and all common indicators are offered. The platform is not as user friendly as other forex, CFD and spread betting platforms and anyone new to financial trading will find the platform confusing, the platform offers a professional approach to trading so it uses terms as limit buy, stop sells, P&C orders, etc. It also offers futures contracts with their exchange traded expire dates, once again this may seem overwhelming for a novice. Personally, I adore the platform. I love the professional feel to the Dealbook 360, execution is quick and there are a number of platform features that are useful, such as a pip and margin calculators, the platform also provides roll over fee calculations for overnight positions. Unfortunately the Dealbook 360 does not offer New York close charts, one of the very few disappointments with GFT and their trading platform. Spreads & Instruments

GFT offers a wide range of financial markets including spot forex, forex CFDs, indices, commodities, equities, bonds, interest rates, and options. The amount and variety of financial instruments offered can only be rivalled by major brokers such as Saxo Bank, no matter how exotic your currency pair may be or how little traded your equity index is, GFT probably offers it. Spreads and roll over fees are some the best I have seen and are calculated with complete transparency. The spreads are variable. Summary

In summary, GFT are one of the best brokers available. I have used them for day trading and have never had an issue with them. Withdrawing funds is not as easy as depositing funds but this is one of the very few criticisms. I highly recommend GFT and their Dealbook360 desktop trading software is one of my favourite trading platforms.