The A-Z of Live Forex Trading

Without a doubt, some of my most viewed and 'liked' YouTube videos are my interview-style recordings with myself (Samuel Morton) and my live Forex trades. In this post, I will share with you some of my most viewed live Forex trading videos and also offer a brief insight into live Forex trading.

What is live Forex trading?

Live Forex trading is when a trader shares a trade from opening the position to closing the position at the time of occurrence. This is usually done by recording the trading platform with the open trade visible on the screen. Live trading videos can include audio and often include the analysis or reasoning of why the position was opened and why it was closed.

Why is it important to watch live Forex trading videos?

Watching live Forex trades can be important and beneficial for a number of reasons. I have listed 3 reasons below...

Reason #1 - Current price data is more challenging to analyse than historical price data

Identifying patterns, levels of support and resistance and Forex trading set-ups can be easy when studying historical price data (price charts). Identifying theses these things while they are being formed by price action is a whole other game. Who can spot fully formed head and shoulders patterns on their price charts? Lot's of hands go up. Who can spot potential head and shoulder patterns when only 1 shoulder and the head has been formed? Not so many hands this time... While watching live trading videos you will be able to see price action patterns, support and resistance and set-ups in the making, as often the trader recording the live Forex trade will trade the price action early (before most others can spot what is happening).

Reason #2 - Live Forex trades are educational and inspiring

It's a thrill to see someone make a great trade. It inspires those who are struggling to make profits from the Forex markets. They are also very educational - you get to watch an actual Forex trader open and close positions and hear his/her reasons why. Unless you are looking to learn Forex trading basics, live Forex trading videos are the best way to learn how to become profitable (in my opinion).

Reason #3 - Live Forex trading acts as evidence that your trading mentor knows what he/she is doing

Let's face it, there are too many "profitable" Forex traders that provide very little proof of their "success". Transparent live Forex trading can help wipe away doubt and give you more confidence in the trading mentor/teacher.

Examples of live Forex trading videos

I have uploaded a number of live Forex trading videos to my Forex trading YouTube channel. You can see a full-list of these videos on my Forex video page. Below I have listed some of my most popular live Forex trading videos and some of my personal favourites...


This was a Forex trade that resulted in a 1:8.5 RR - I am glad that I recorded this one!


A continuation of the video previous. An unexpected GBPUSD long trade is included in this live Forex trading video.


Some trades taken using my triple top and triple bottom trading strategy (covered in my Advanced Price Action Course).


Trying to trade a consolidation on EURUSD