My Forex Price Action Trading Signals

I have offered Forex trading signals since I launched my price action website ( / and my Forex trading YouTube channel (, which was in January 2015. Since then, my trading has slightly evolved, my Forex trading career has progressed and I have learnt a lot about the needs and wants of those that have subscribed to my trading room. Due to these things, I am making some positive changes to my Forex price action trading signal service. I have listed all the details and changes below...

Forex trading signals

What time are the Forex trading signals provided?

My trading room opens at 0700 UK time and closes at 1600 UK time. The trading signals will be provided during these hours.

How will the Forex trading signals be received?

My trading signals are provided by audio and text in my exclusive price action trading chat room. The trading room can be accessed via a computer, tablet and by most mobile devices. If you are not able to attend the trading room, my trading signals are also sent out by email.

How many trading signals are provided per day?

I average 1-2 trades per day and strictly follow a variety of trading strategies. These strategies vary in their win rate and profitability. Some of my strategies offer a win rate of 25% (but have a high risk to reward ratio), while other strategies have win rates of around 65-70%.

Are the trading signals profitable?

Yes. All of the signals are trades that I personally execute. You can learn more about my trading profitability by viewing my Forex trading results.

Where are you based?

I am British and live in the UK (just outside London), so my Forex trading signals are UK based but followed internationally.

Are the trading signals just for Forex?

The majority of my trades are Forex related but I also trade various commodities, precious metals and indices.

What time frames are traded?

I trade the 5 minute, 1 hour, 4 hour, daily and weekly charts. For more detail, please see my trading schedule at the bottom of this page.

Are trades kept open overnight?

Yes. I often hold positions overnight. Some of my trades are opened and closed within the day though. My trades can be open for 30 minutes - 30 days. I consider myself both a day trader and a swing trader.

How much does the trading signal subscription cost?

There are a number of payment options available to you...

Monthly Subscription - You can subscribe to my trading signals on a monthly rolling basis. This costs £45.00 for the first month and £85.00 per month thereafter. Subscription can be cancelled anytime.

"Lifetime" Subscription - For a one-off payment of £725.00, you can subscribe to my trading signals until 31st December 2021.

3 Month Subscription - For a one-of payment of £185.00, you can subscribe to my trading signals for a 3 month period.

Is the trading room ever closed?

I usually go away for 2-3 weeks in the Summer. I am also usually away between Christmas and New Year. During these times, the trading room will be closed and I will not be providing any trading signals.

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe to my Forex price action trading signals by visiting my trading signals page.

Trading signal and trading room schedule

A screen share and audio update is provided at 0915 each morning and 1315 each afternoon. In these updates, I review open positions and potential trades for that day.

Other Questions?

If you have any questions about my Forex trading signals, please feel free to email me at