One of the main reasons why traders are unprofitable, is because they let their emotions dictate their trading decisions, rather than sticking to a well-thought and backtested trading plan. This psychological challenge leads many into a continual cycle of starting a strategy, making losses, abondoning the strategy, creating a new strategy, and the cycle starts again.

One of the keys to overcoming the obstacle of trading psychology is to change your mindset. In my most recent video, I teach you how you can beat your trading emotions by changing your expectations. Please watch the video below; The TRUTH about TRADING PSYCHOLOGY

Trading Forex is very challenging. Identifying that trading with technical analysis is purely a "game" of odds and probabilities, can help you to understand and accept losing trades, even when there may be several in a row. No trader should ever have the mindset that they know their trade is going to be a winner. Expectation should be based on profitability longer-term, rather than profitability on every single trade.

As always, I wish you all the best in your trading and success in the Forex markets.