Using Forex Trading Signals

One of the many services that I offer is the opportunity to follow my trades by providing trading signals. In this post I will list the reasons why following my Forex trading signals can be beneficial and also answer some of the questions that you may have...

Why Subscribe to Trading Signals

Trading signals offer subscribers the chance to follow a professional trader. Usually the process of this is that the profitable trader will notify subscribers when he or she is making a trade, along with stop loss and take profit information. So why is this helpful and are trading signals worth the money?

An Opportunity to make Profits

The most obvious reason to follow a professional Forex trader is that you are likely to make money. Let's face it, 90-95% of traders lose. Following a profitable trader should dramatically increase your chance of success.

An Opportunity to Learn from a Professional Forex Trader

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of learning from those who are already successful in trading Forex. Too many traders do not commit sufficient time and cash to learn from those who already are profitable traders. Following Forex trading signals can provide great insight into why a trade was opened, why a trade was closed and take profit and stop loss information. Other essential trading principles can also be learned; how much to risk per trade, how often trades are entered, what time-frames are being used, etc.

It can be the Cheapest Option

Having a one-to-one Forex mentor can be a great way to learn profitable Forex trading, it can also be very expensive (but still worth it!). The cheaper option is generally subscribing to trading signals, my Forex trading signals are more than 70% cheaper than my training sessions.

forex trading signals

How are Trading Signals Provided?

Each Forex trading signal provider or signal service can signal their trades slightly differently. My Forex trading signals are provided in 2 ways:

Private Trading Room

My private Forex trading room is where trading signal subscribers can chat with me by text and know of the trades that I am taking. All trades are signalled by text in the room as well as by audio. The trading room is open 0700-1700 GMT.


As well as signalling my trades in my private trading room, I also send out my trades by email.

What do the Trading Signals Detail?

Each Forex trading signal will detail entry and exit. If you are in my trading room I will also provide the reason why I have taken the trade.

Forex Trading Signal Results

To see the results of my trading signals, please visit my trading results page.

Anything else?

You can subscribe to my Forex trading signals by going to my Forex trading signals page. There is the option to subscribe monthly (cancellation anytime) or for life! All major debit and credit cards are accepted, PayPal is also accepted.

I mainly trade 1 hour and daily charts and over 14 currency pairs. I tend to stay away from the CHF and NZD currencies.

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